Reduce or eliminate energy bills in your home or business, free yourself from the grid and make the world a little cleaner.


There are dozens of reasons to generate and store your own energy, here are just a few…

Reduce ALL your energy bills

From lights to heating and even fuel for your car, you can use your own free power to dramatically decrease your energy bills

Make a profit

Our systems will not only start paying for themselves on day one, but will keep paying long after you’ve recouped your outlay


Protect from price hikes

Reduce your dependence on the ‘Big Six’ utilities, take control of your energy and free yourself from ever-rising energy prices

Add value to your property

Free energy will only add to the appeal of your home or business, potentially increasing its value and making it future-proof 

Use ALL the energy you make

Power your house, your car or get cashback from your energy provider – use every watt of energy you produce

Make the world a better place

You’ll be taking the load off the grid, reducing your carbon footprint and making a positive impact on the world


Energy storage allows you to save all the power you produce in a battery to use only when you need it.
No more price hikes, no complicated feed-in tariffs, you control your own energy.


GREEN Energy



Year Warranty

Cycles Guaranteed


It’s simply a battery that sits out of sight and silently collects the energy you produce, ready for when you need it.

Battery storage

How big is it?

The domestic storage system is 600mm wide by 185mm deep, it will fit easily in a loft, cupboard, garage or almost any indoor space, it’s incredibly neat!


Domestic Pulse systems come in 3.3KWh or 6.5KWh versions. Larger capacities for industrial applications and more power-hungry homes are coming soon.


The Pulse 3 is £3,999 fitted, and the Pulse 6 is £4,999 fitted. The systems pay for themselves over time, so effectively they will cost you nothing!

HOW do you fit it?

Already have solar panels? We install the battery alongside your existing system. No solar panels? No problem. We can install the panels together with the battery.


Don’t take our word for it, energy storage has worked for them, it will work for you too!

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