Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to answer a few of the more common questions you might have about what we do, but if you have more questions please drop us a message and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.

Electric Charging FAQ’s

Am I eligible for the OLEV/OZEV grant, and how do I apply?

If you own or have an EV on order for purchase or lease and you have off-road parking the chances are you will be eligible for the grant. However to be sure we would recommend checking the guidance on the government website which you can find here

Do second hand cars qualify for the OLEV/OZEV grant?

If you own a second hand electric vehicle, you will also be eligible for the grant provided the application for the grant is made within four months before or after receiving your vehicle..

What is the process for fitting a car charger?

For the Workplace Charger Scheme first we’d recommend applying for the OLEV/OZEV grant online, and once you’ve been issued the voucher (which is valid for 6 months) send it to us and we’ll arrange a convenient date to come and fit your charger.

For the Homecharge Scheme you just need to fill out a form and we will apply for you.

Once the charger has been fitted and set up we’ll put together a handover pack which includes the instruction manual, Electrical Installation Certificate, Part P building notification, DNO notification, a handover certificate and any warranties, and we’ll also invoice the job at this point.

Solar & Storage FAQ’s

What if I already have solar panels?

We can fit battery storage to your existing solar panel system to maximise your energy usage and savings

Do I need planning permission for solar panels?

In England, Scotland and Wales you are not required to apply for planning permission for most of the domestic solar panel installations (both heating and electricity). It is important to note, however, that the installation must be below a certain size. If your solar panels protrude more than 200mm, you will need to apply for permission first. There are also other local restrictions that might affect whether you need permission or not; especially in Scotland. For example, when the building is within a conservation area of World Heritage Site. Therefore, it is advised to ask your solar panel installer to check, whether your installation meets all the requirements.

HOW BIG is the battery?

A typical domestic battery is 600mm wide and about 200mm deep so will fit easily in a garage, cupboard or loft space.

How long till the system pays for itself?

Potentially you could be in profit immediately with solar and storage adding to the appeal and value of your property, and you will own the system outright so no paperwork to deal with. In addition you could see complete repayment of the cost in as little as five to ten years (depending on energy usage) and you can cash in on the Smart Export Guarantee and get paid for any electricity you don’t use.  As energy prices increase your savings will increase with them, and for electric vehicle and electric heating users the benefits are increased even further.

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