Who’s Eddi anyway?
Myenergi Eddi

“Who’s Eddi?” I hear you ask. Eddi is really smart and well connected little guy, and working together with his friend Zappi he’s an energy-saving genius.

We fitted the Myenergi Eddi hot water energy diverter along with an Zappi EV charger to make the most of the solar PV already installed at this customers’ home. The Eddi works in tandem with the Zappi car charger to take the excess power produced by any solar PV system and put it to work heating the water in your immersion tank, or charging your car via the the Zappi (or both) meaning you can potentially get free hot water and charge your EV for free!

Ask us about fitting an Eddi to your hot immersion tank today and get free hot water from your solar panels.

Published on February 20, 2022
Posted by Jaime


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